GINnasium by Forever Clarens

Should you feel like additional exercise, we will happily provide a rewarding work-out for body and soul in our GINnasium. Gin-tastings and gin-bars customised to your personal taste profile albeit infused by the innovative practice that we have become known for.

Looking for a GINtastic experience while visiting Clarens?

 We offer special packages on gin-tastings or a full gin-bar, exclusive to guests staying at Forever Clarens Self-Catering Units.

 Are you hosting a Wedding, Kitchen Tea or any other special event?

We have various recommendations and options to offer for special events, anywhere in South Africa. We help you design your very own GINnasium to entice your guests while keeping a close eye on your budget. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +27 (0) 82 955 9727 for more info and personalised quotations.


GINnasium Gallery

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